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Meet of our recent strays brought in. He's receiving a little extra TLC at the moment as he has thinning fur on his back. Toby is doing great and is proving himself to be a really lovely boy. He loves sitting on the window sill and would love a home with his own garden. Toby is approximately 8-10 years old, but would make a fantastic addition to any family. He comes calm and loving!! Toby will be ready to be re-homed soon, but can have reserved put on his pen sooner!

Meet Forrest..... this is a very special boy to us and needs that very special understanding home. Forrest did not have the best of starts in life and came to us as a very scared, nervous and frightened boy. We had him neutered and after weeks of patience and calmness he has absolutely flourished. Forrest will interact with us, walk about quite happily and let us stroke him and be picked up. If a sudden movement or noise startles him, he doesn't like it and just needs that quiet time again. It would be best if he's re-homed as an only pet, with no children, ideally in a quiet home, access to a garden and previous cat owners. He will make a loving cat, he's already a long way down that road! Forrest is approximately 1 year old, and loves the attention now and strokes. Are you his perfect match?

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Meet Bella....she has just joined us so is a little nervous at the moment. She is approximately 4 years old and is a loving, playful cat in the home. Bella is fine with children and loves going outside so a garden is essential. Bella is a beautiful girl looking for her perfect home and owner. Come and see her soon...*RESERVED*...

Meet our 3 kittens.....They are approximately 12 weeks old and were fostered by a member of staff here. The 2 tabbies are females and the black and white is a male cat. They are really lovely kittens and would love a new home...*ALL RESERVED*....

Meet Fred and Alfie.....these 2 lovely boys have recently come in and just been neutered. They are approximately 18 months old and as they are brothers really would like to be re-homed together. Alfie is the black and white boy and at the moment is a little bit more confident. He always comes forward for his strokes in the morning. Fred is also a beautiful boy and they would love a new home with bed and garden where they can play together. Both boys will be ready soon, after they have had their vaccinations.

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Meet Tiggy.....Tiggy has recently joined us and is a little overweight. He does need to lose some weight, it's not all fur! He has a lovely temperament and is fine with children and other cats. Tiggy has not been tested with dogs. Tiggy is approximately 8/9 years old and is a lovely boy, looking for his new forever home...*RESERVED*....

Meet Poppy......Poppy has recently joined us with her son, Oscar,who has been re-homed. She is approximately 11 years old, but seems so much younger! She loves greeting you in her pen, although she is still a little shy. Please call for further details and see if you can make her day!

Meet Harmony.....she is the daughter of Monica, (see below), and came in with her. Harmony is approximately 7 years old and is an affectionate girl. She has not been tested with children and is nervous of dogs. It would be lovely to see her re-homed with her mother, but they can be separated. She loves cat nip and would love some in her new home!!

Meet Kim..... although she's an older lady, approximately 13 years old, she is such a loving, gentle cat. Kim would love a peaceful, quiet home where she can be brushed and cuddled. Kim has been with us a while, as we needed to determine a diet for her. This has been sorted and all she needs is plain cat food, no biscuits and she's fine! Do consider giving an older cat a home, they are lovely additions to your home! Kim loves being with you and enjoys exploring the outside. She's proving to be a very affectionate girl, with a loud purr!

Meet Monica....she is the beautiful mother of Harmony and is approximately 8 years old. She is more of a lap cat and would love a new, loving home. She is nervous of dogs and has not been tested with children. Like her daughter, she loves cat nip! Monica is a little over weight at the moment, but with plenty of exercise and a garden will shed those pounds!

Cat of the Week

Meet Sally....Sally has been with us for over a year now and is desperate for her own home. She is what we would call an aloof cat, and is certainly not one that would jump on your lap. Sally has improved massively but likes to keep her own company. She would like to have a large garden and understanding owners.

Adopt a Cat

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